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How To Perform Miracles Like Jesus: A Helpful Guide

How To Perform Miracles Like Jesus A Helpful Guide

While thinking about the supernatural in the Bible, the question arose on how to perform miracles like Jesus. Here is what I found in my research.

To perform miracles like Jesus the Bible teaches us to have faith, pray, and have a predominant gift of the working of miracles. While this subject is highly controversial among Christians the Bible is very clear about this topic.

I will tell you in more detail about how to perform miracles like Jesus, but I also need to clear up the controversial parts of this topic. If you just want to know how to perform miracles like Jesus, then scroll down to my second point.

What Are Biblical Miracles

When talking about miracles in the Bible people might quickly think of Jesus making water to wine or Peter walking on the water.

Here is a definition I came up with for “biblical miracles”.

The purpose of a miracle is for God to move on behalf of mankind because of their faith or to build up their faith. While a biblical miracle, in general, happens in an instant and is visible, the miracle of healing can occur gradually and over time.

In general, a biblical miracle can be healing but is not limited to that.

God’s purpose with miracles is not to prove a doctrine or that we would have a better life, like having more money.

When someone performs miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit, these miracles flow out of a God-given gift. The Bible calls it the working of miracles. It is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, confirming the gospel, not just in the lifetime of Jesus and the Apostles but even until today. The working of miracles is part of the list of spiritual gifts described by Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 12.

To dig deeper into what exactly a gift of miracles is and to see it in action with 42 recorded accounts by Jesus you should read this article.

How Do You Pray For Miracles?

When you want to perform miracles you need to follow some biblical principles that Jesus lays out and demonstrates in the gospels. But you can see these simple steps and principles in every miracle performed in the Bible.

1. Pray

Every miracle flows out of an intimate relationship with God. This relationship can only be built through spending time with God in prayer and studying the Word of God.

In fact, this is what God is all about. He made us for a relationship. He longs to be with you. There is one thing that God cannot get from any other part of His creation but only from you: love.

Angels can worship him and give Him glory. But only you can love Him back.

That’s why the stronger the bond with God, the stronger the miraculous can flow out of us.

God is a miracle performing God. It is who He is. God is supernatural and is not bound by our physical limitations. When He moves it is always miraculous.

But to tap into the miraculous we need to be tuned in to His Spirit. This fine-tuning we only receive through spending time with God.

If this seems difficult to you, maybe you need to turn from certain things in your life that keep you away from God. Maybe you need to make your way straight with Him and talk things through with God. You know that the benefit of a relationship with God is more rewarding than the short-term pleasure of flesh or sin.

So, regularly spend quality time with Jesus. Don’t let it be an on-off relationship. Just come into His presence through prayer and studying His word and build the relationship.

2. Have Mustard Seed Faith

Faith is the whole purpose of performing miracles. God wants to move through your faith and/or stir up faith in others.

With faith, I don’t mean this super Christian faith, as we might think some believers have.

No, Jesus said that we only need faith like a mustard seed. When we have this type of faith, we can even speak to spiritual mountains and they will move (Matthew 17:20).

So, get rid of what dampens your faith. Identify doubt and unbelief in your life and tell it to go in Jesus’ name. This indeed could be the first miracle in your life.

3. Step Out In An Act of Faith

This one is crucial to perform a miracle.

You can have a thriving relationship with God and all faith in the earth. But if you keep it all to yourself it won’t help anyone, not even you.

Know that people around you need Jesus and need what God has planted in you. I bet some people already came to mind when you read these lines.

They need the supernatural Holy Spirit inside of you. Step out in bold faith and pray for people and share the gospel. Freely you received, freely give.

Jesus is the answer through you!

Miracles result out of faith and out of a step of faith. Think of all the big personalities in the Bible.

Peter wouldn’t have walked on the water with Jesus if he wouldn’t have stepped out. Elisha couldn’t make the ax head float without throwing a stick into the water. Moses couldn’t have parted the sea without lifting his staff.

See, performing a miracle requires you to overcome and get rid of the fear of man, leaving your comfort zone to step out in an act of faith.

Can Everyone Perform Miracles Like Jesus?

This is one of the controversial questions among Christians. I bet there are even denominational splits over this topic.

Some Christians say the working of miracles has stopped with the Apostles. Others say the working of miracles is only for chosen Christians with a special gift. And again others say that every believer should or can perform miracles.

Now, which one is right?

(And all the Sunday school kids shout with one voice, “Jesus!”.)

Well, let’s see what Jesus actually said. In John 14:12 He says “(…) he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

Jesus says, everyone who believes in Him will do the works that He did. This corresponds with the great commission in Mark 16:15-20 in which Jesus tells His disciples that everyone who believes will preach the gospel, speak in tongues, heal the sick, and cast out demons.

It says that those are the signs of believers.

Now Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12 that only some speak in tongues or work miracles, just as only some are prophets or apostles.

Are Jesus and Paul opposing each other?

Paul ends his list of rhetoric questions that answer with “no” with the sentence, But earnestly desire the best gifts.” (1 Corinthians 12:31).

Also, Paul mentions that these gifts are all of one Spirit which is the Holy Spirit. So, every believer filled with the Holy Spirit has access to the gifts of the Spirit. Even though not everyone moves in them all the time.

Of course, we don’t because they are not all needed at the same time. The Holy Spirit stirs them up as needed.

I believe God lets some believers move in certain gifts more predominantly. This means obviously not everyone works miracles, at least not all the time. But God wants us to earnestly desire them so that we would move in the supernatural.

If you follow the doctrine of “not everyone is supposed to work miracles”, then you might think “well, I never worked miracles, it might not be my gifting.”

But if you apply what Jesus said about those who believe, which is that we should heal the sick and cast out demons, it stirs a desire for the supernatural, just as Paul instructed.

So, if you have never performed a miracle of any kind, then develop a desire to move in the supernatural by seeking God for these things.

If our earthly fathers know how to give us good things, how much more does our heavenly father want to give us the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.

So, ask and you shall receive. Pray, have faith, and act upon it.

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