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Helpful (Online) Ministries For Healing & Deliverance

If you want to have a spiritual breakthrough in your life you have to seek healing and deliverance regularly.

Sometimes there isn’t a church around that is trained in this kind of ministry. That’s why it is good to take advantage of ministries that do and that are truly led by the Holy Spirit in this special anointing for healing and deliverance.

Why Healing And Deliverance On A Regular Basis?

The reason why we feel held back or need spiritual breakthroughs is usually found within us.

I am not talking about self-help to be a better person.

I am talking about the real issues, the stuff deep inside that only you and Jesus know of. 

The fact that you are reading this particular page is proof that you know something isn’t right and something needs to change.

It’s because these are spiritual issues that hold you back from your breakthrough. They have a spiritual root and need to be tackled spiritually. The way Jesus did it and how the Bible teaches us is through prayer for healing and deliverance. 

Holy Spirit can touch you and turn your whole life around.

Of course, that can happen in an instance, but there are also other areas in our lives that God doesn’t clean out right away because He wants to teach us how to fight in the Spirit.

See, when we get involved with sin it opens the door to the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy in our lives.

Yes, after we get saved we are made righteous and are forgiven before God. But the enemy might still have some foothold in certain areas in your life.

To combat that we need prayer for healing and deliverance.

Deliverance through the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus is a real key to your freedom. You can learn about it more in this article I wrote for you.

Back in the days of Television Ministries God moved for people through the TV by encountering them and working many miracles.

Today, the same happens through Ministries that stream online.

So far in my journey with the Lord, I found a few ministries that are a big blessing to me through the Word and/or prayer for healing and deliverance.

You should definitely check them out. I received a lot of freedom and personal breakthrough by listening to some of their sermons and received a fresh touch from God through their ministry.

The Remnant Warrior By James Stanton

I got in touch with the Remnant Warrior Ministry by James M. Stanton in about 2006. God used this ministry in a small town in Germany to confront me with the gospel. Jesus showed me that He is real, how much He loves me, and how He wants to set me free from my “stuff”. I was in a real mess at the time.

Since then I have received tons of healing and deliverance. God equipped and trained me to be prepared to even fight cancer later on in my life. If you want to know about that, you can read my testimony on my about page.

If God wouldn’t have used this ministry to heal and deliver me from so many things, I might not even be alive anymore.

James Stanton is an apostolic missionary whom God used in many countries all around the world. He is not afraid to bring the spiritual battle to the gates of the enemy. So, God used James to even preach in countries like Pakistan and China. He currently resides in the Philippines where he set up a Christian Training Center that regularly streams their services through the Youtubes.

Other than the live streams you will find healing and deliverance sessions that are intended to directly minister to you at home in specific areas of your life. Also, you can search their channel for in-depth teaching on specific topics that all circle around biblical healing and deliverance and training an equipped end-time remnant warrior army.

God uses this ministry to truly set people free and give you a very solid, biblical, and Christ-centered foundation about the full gospel, according to Luke 4:18, Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-20, John 20:21. So, be sure to check out their Youtube Channel.

The Last Reformation – Torben Søndergaard

I discovered this powerful evangelism and disciple ministry a couple of years ago when they released their first big movie called “The Last Reformation” as a free feature-length film on YouTube.

Through their ministry as through all their videos and movies, Torben and his team try to reach the lost and encourage Christians to come back to a Book-of-Acts-Life-tyle. They preach the gospel publicly on the streets with many signs, wonders, and miracles following them. Christians are being invited to join a local so-called “kick start”, in which they are trained to live a life in the power of God as the disciples did in the Bible times.

Torben’s goal is to not just gather “conversion numbers” by people praying a sinners prayer, but inviting people to a real encounter with God through praying for the sick and the demon-oppressed like Jesus and the disciples did in the gospels and the book of acts. In their videos, you can see a lot of “unbelievers” receive sudden healings and deliverance right there on the spot when praying for them.

To me, seeing this was and still is very encouraging and stirring to be hungry for more of the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. Just this week I shared one of their awesome videos in my weekly newsletter where Torben shares an impactful dream he had of heaven. I can only encourage you to check them out on Youtube and maybe even consider joining one of their “kick-starts”.

Derek Prince Ministries

For some people, Derek Prince might be a well-known Bible teacher already. He is an old-time Pentecostal Bible Teacher who died in 2003.

I am listing his ministry here because the few Bible teachings I have read/listened to have really given me a solid biblical foundation for some of my core beliefs. His biblical teachings are excellent and in-depth and leave you with a firm understanding of the given topic.

I am a sucker for Bible teachings, so I absolutely love his thorough Bible lectures. He wrote a lot of books and I list the few I read here on my “Helpful Reads” Resource Page.

Prince’s teachings, in particular on healing and deliverance, are very helpful. I believe they have the potential to convince even the strongest Christian deliverance doubter.

To listen to his teachings you just have to search his name on Youtube. I recently found the Channel “Derek Prince Ministries” which is operated out of the Netherlands. They seem to upload his sermons regularly and would be a great recommendation to follow.

Even though he is already in the presence of the Lord Jesus, his ministry is still impactful.

Greg Violi Ministries

This ministry was a big blessing to me by preaching the Word of God about the father’s blessing, honor, and true godly love. God used it to reveal deep wounds in my heart and to set me free.

“Greg Violi and his wife Marie live in Germany where they Pastor The Tabernacle of David. Greg has written 10 books, he is a revivalist, an international speaker, and he has a passion to see Christ formed within people, especially in the family.” (Google Books)

Please be sure to check out Greg Violi Ministries on their Youtube channel. Just browse through their video library to find a topic that God highlights in your life.

Mitch Rhoden Ministries

This man of God is very special to me. “Pastor Mitch” as some people call him, is my father-in-law and an awesome Grandpa to my son. (I know this might not be particularly relevant to you, but it tells about his character!)

He didn’t tell me to promote him here, and frankly, he doesn’t even know I am. But I want to recommend his ministry as a resource because he is an anointed man of God impacting lives literally everywhere he goes.

Some people carry their heart on their lips, well (Pastor) Mitch is not really one of them, he rather carries Jesus on his lips. The Bible says “(…) out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45). So maybe in a way he does.

Nevertheless, he is a man of great influence probably because he is a real man of prayer and fasting.

I personally was tremendously blessed by his ministry, not because he is “the dad of my wife”, but because Jesus is using him. Obviously, because he is a pastor his main emphasis is not just “healing & deliverance”. But because of God’s anointing on his life, I believe you can still receive from God through his ministry!

So, if you are into anointed southern gospel preaching, check him out on YouTube. (BTW, I edit his videos 😉 ) on YouTube

At last, I am plugging my own Youtube channel. You might have seen it already, or maybe it was the reason you ended up on this website, but for everyone else who didn’t know: Go check out my videos, subscribe, and leave a comment on a video telling me that you came from here!