… And Then This Happened! – Yeshuah Boyton

… And Then This Happened!

I knew it was something spiritual. So, I treated it accordingly.

Together with friends, we would curse this cancer at the root like Jesus cursed the tree (Mark 11: 12-25).

I would pray this cancer would die, and I would live.

I released the living water of the Holy Spirit and the resurrection power of Jesus’ life into me.

Sounds weird?

Well, we were firing out of all cylinders. I even took communion every day. We meant serious business!

Because I knew it was spiritual, I knew these spirits of cancer had a right on my body.

The Bible says a curse without a cause cannot come. (Proverbs 26:2)

So, I would also renounce any curses associated with this cancer. I would cut soul ties, repent, and we would cast out anything that God would highlight.

This kind of stuff might be new to you.

But another major key to spiritual breakthrough is actually doing serious deliverance. 

Spiritual things have to be dealt with spiritually.

Wherever you need a breakthrough, you can guarantee that there is a spirit blocking what you need or God promised you in His word.

So, confront it. Repent of the sin that allowed it to come in. Renounce the curse. And then tell this thing to go in Jesus’ name.

So, here we were doing exactly that. Weeks went by, and seemingly nothing happened.

“The cancer is still there.” said the doctor.

Oh, boy…

Back to seeking God, I went.

During this time, God restored my relationship with my Dad, who left us when I was about 2. But that’s a story for another day.

Then Holy Spirit told me to have the operation.

In obedience and slightly relieved, I went back to the hospital.

It was not a good time. You can get the whole picture of what happened there in my upcoming book. (Stay tuned for that.)

But God told me to have an operation – confirmed by several other men of God. So, in I went.