Wait, WHAT?! – Yeshuah Boyton

Wait, WHAT?!

After two operations, they examined the extracted organ and found…

A burned-out tumor cell!

Wait, what?!

A tumor that was was up to 1-4mm dead.

I was overjoyed when I heard this report.

The operations confirmed what God had done the whole time.

He touched me, stayed true to His Word, and faithfully healed me of cancer.

I didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation.

Where I before was fighting to one day have children, I now have a healthy five-year-old and one on the way – at the time of writing this.

Wow! God is good.

So, what’s the point of this last segment?


It was a tough time. But I learned that if you just push long enough, the stronghold will fall!

You might not feel like it. You might not feel good about it at all.

But if you just persist in sieging the stronghold, it eventually will fall.

Jesus already won the victory. You just have to execute it together with the Holy Spirit.

You will see spiritual breakthrough if you do consistent healing and deliverance and persist – just like Jacob (Genesis 32:22-32) – until you have the blessing.

Let me suggest one practical step you can take today.

Every day in your prayer time, assign 15-60 minutes to pray and seek the Lord in focused healing and deliverance. In this time, repent of all sins Holy Spirit brings up to you. Renounce any associated curse. And cast out all demonic spirits that might be working in the area you seek a spiritual breakthrough.

I also highly recommend you start out doing that with a prayer partner. If you’re married, you already have one.

If you’re single or you’re dealing with a bigger issue you can check out this resource I put together to find deliverance ministers near you.

I also put together a prayer guide that helps you get started with a deliverance session.

I encourage you to go after it until it’s gone!

And always remember, every day you live to bring much fruit!