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Yeshuah Boyton

“It looks like cancer”, the doctor said, “and we have to operate you immediately!”

Hearing this as a 21-year old young man is really quite a shock as you can imagine.

In this time of uncertainty, I really started seeking Jesus.

He told me three things: “Fast and Pray, fight, and trust me.”

This is what I did for a couple of weeks after.

We prayed that this cancer would burn out. In prayer, I would curse this cancer like Jesus cursed the tree so that it would dry up and die.

I released the living water of the Holy Spirit and declared that in the wounds of Jesus I am healed.

A couple of weeks later after doing a lot of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry, I had two operations in which the doctor took out the affected organ.

They confirmed that the cancer was a burned-out tumor cell except for 1-4 mm.

Just as we had prayed before.

I didn’t need any radiation nor chemotherapy.

I was healed!

God revealed a lot in this time of fighting. He healed me of inner wounds during the process and even restored a hurting relationship with my father.

That’s why I made this website to encourage and help people with similar struggles.

I am now in my thirties and a husband, a father, and still a follower of Christ.

(I am also German-English and my wife is American. So my kids are German-English-American. – Oh my word, lol.)

In my past, I grew and still am growing the most under men and women of God that sacrificially pour into my life through healing, deliverance, equipping, and empowerment.

In the same way, I want to help people that sincerely want to go from struggling in their life to true restoration in Jesus.

On this website, I want to help you find healing, deliverance, and experience a true breakthrough that will give you stability like never before.

Through Blog PostsYouTube Videos, and my Newsletter I am going to give you valuable nuggets that will help you walk in the realities we read of in the Bible and often hear from “other people”.

My ultimate goal is for you to be restored, equipped, and an all-around empowered Christian overflowing in your calling.

Let’s get this thing together!

By the way, you should totally watch the extended version of my healing testimony. I am sure it will encourage you!


Bachelor of Arts – Evangelical Theology – Freie Theologische Hochschule Giessen – Germany

Licensed MinisterAwake The World – USA