The Biblical Discipleship Podcast – Yeshuah Boyton

The Biblical Discipleship Podcast

Welcome to the Biblical Discipleship Podcast. The weekly Podcast that revives biblical truths of healing, deliverance, making disciples, and evangelism.

I am your host, Yeshuah Boyton, I help Christians like you become fruit-bearing disciples and see God move in their everyday life through in 20-60 minutes per episode. I am an ordained minister, author, and founder of where I share how God healed me of cancer and how to do spiritual warfare.

In short, I equip people like you to become true disciples of Jesus who daily see God move.

Christians have played church for too long. It is time to come away from programs and go back to the roots of God’s word.

This podcast releases every Monday at 7 am EST with sermon-length episodes. At the end of every episode, I will have a segment where I pray for deliverance for you. You will walk away, encouraged to see God move in your life.

Occasionally, I will bring on friends, guests, and testimonies that help us on this journey. But primarily, I will be teaching solo.

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Remember, every day you live to bear much fruit!