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Find A Deliverance Minister Near You

If you’d ask me if I know any Healing and Deliverance Ministers in your area, I would refer you to these Ministry Websites below. There you can find someone with a few clicks.

Disclaimer: I only mention these ministry websites as resources to find someone close to you who can pray with you in person for healing and deliverance. I do not claim to be affiliated with them. I do not claim to agree with all their beliefs or practices. I also do not take any responsibility for any interaction that resulted from you following the links below.

The Last Reformation Map

I have utilized this map personally and find it very helpful. Please be advised: this map’s and ministry’s focus is discipleship. They do not specialize in deliverance per se. TLR teaches the casting out of demons but does not specialize in it.

I’d say give it a try. But don’t expect a full-fleshed long-time deliverance minister. Literally, everyone can put a pin on the map. So, you might end up with just a “normal” person that prays for you. But that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?

Isaiah Salvador’s Deliverance Map

Isaiah Salvador is a healing and deliverance minister known through his YouTube videos and sermons. On his website, he offers a map specifically for deliverance contacts. This could be a better fit for you, depending on your need or case of spiritual oppression.

Church Near Me

I found this website when googling for deliverance ministers. It is a collection of Healing Ministries and could be a good place to even find a church near you.

Yeshuah Boyton

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