Every. Single. Day. – Yeshuah Boyton

Every. Single. Day.

Hey there!

You just watched my video revealing the secret to spiritual breakthrough but you want to better understand how to step into that breakthrough.

I am by no means an expert, but Holy Spirit did teach me a few things throughout the years that I’d love to share with you.

There were times when I needed freedom from frustration and bitterness, or I just wanted to “be on fire” for God again.

The common advice Christians give in a situation like these is, “Read your Bible”, “Spend time with God”, or “Just give it all to Jesus.”

Even I have given these kinds of advice from time to time.

But what do you do when you have a serious illness, suicidal thoughts, or real family issues?

Bible reading and 30 minutes of “quiet time” won’t cut it that time.

There’s more needed in situations like that! You need something that truly moves the needle.

I realized that when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was in a real life-threatening situation.

While people around me were afraid for my life, God told me, “Fast and pray, fight, trust me.”

I knew what that meant for me. I had to attack this cancer in spiritual warfare. I also knew it needed more than a few prayers of goodwill and pleading with the Lord.

I knew I had to go after this thing – Every. Single. Day. – until it would be gone, and I would be healed.

During this time, I learned which character traits a true man of God had to have: Consistency and a warrior spirit.

In hindsight, I learned that Jesus has this mindset. The phrase, I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” became a completely new meaning. (Joshua 1:5)

So, here I was fasting and praying for weeks now.

God touched me countless times.

Despite the emotional roller coaster, I had an amazing time with the Lord.

So, I went back to the doctor to check on my progress.

But the cancer was still there…

Did God not touch me? Wasn’t God healing me? Didn’t I do enough?