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The Genesis Impact

Today, we let our students watch the movie Genesis Impact which is about a girl debating a docent of a museum on the evolution theory.

Through a respectful question and answer dialogue, the two go through a variety of “scientific” claims on the subject. They discuss main points of the theory like “Lucy”, “Homo Habilis”, the Neanderthals, Darwin’s finches, radiometric dating, and more.

A point that I found quite interesting was the clip of the Genesis Apologetic App they played about the extinction theory of the dinosaurs. They presented a plausible alternative to the traditional school of thought among scientists and school books.

If you look beyond the very obvious scripted conversation in the movie, it actually is an engaging presentation of two sides debating theories and facts. Most of my students were captivated the whole 65 minutes of the back and forth between the girl and the docent.

The link for the free YouTube video is below for you to watch.

They include clips of the evangelism ministry “Living Waters” by Ray Comfort at the beginning and the end of the movie. They are a personal favorite because they impacted my sharing of the gospel in my early Christian years when I still lived in Germany.

Anyways. ‘Nuff said. Just watch the movie. And Let me know what you think about it!

Yeshuah Boyton

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